News, 23. March 2012

Saga Partner at Cisco Expo 2012 Conference

Eleventh Cisco Expo Conference titled "Innovate together" was held on 20 and 21 March 2012 and was attended by more than 300 IT professionals and managers from Serbia and the region. As in previous years, Saga participated in this conference as a partner, where it presented the latest Cisco hardware networking solutions, as well as the successfully implemented projects in the previous year. This year, Saga presented two projects that were of huge importance for our country.

The first project refers to the public sector. Through the project of infrastructure creation funded by the European Commission, The Serbian Government has improved and modernized e-Government services. As the carrier of this project, Saga has so far implemented the largest Data Center in the region when it comes to the government sector. It is based on a powerful server platform with innovative solutions that satisfy all the needs of the Ministries of the Republic of Serbia. The importance of this project for Serbia is huge, as it will consolidate the complete infrastructure for e-Government in Serbia in one place. Data Center is consolidated through FCoE protocol for network communication between servers and devices for data storage, and by using the Cisco Nexus 5020 switches that support this protocol, the maintenance of physical infrastructure and Data Centre management is significantly simplified.

The second project, digitalization of TV signal in Serbia, has been implemented in cooperation with the companies ComTrade and Comutel. The equipment for the digitization of television signal has been set up on 19 locations across Serbia, from the moment the picture and sound are recorded in the studio, to the moment when the signal reaches the television receiver. The network of these transmitters will be used by all state-owned and private TV stations on the territory of our country. Within the scope of this presentation, IP solutions based on Cisco advanced technologies used to create a redundant, centralized and modern system of distribution of TV signals were presented.

At the Expo part of the conference, Saga presented vividly its view of a modern office. Today's business obligations can be performed via mobile devices, from any place and at any time you want. IP telephony, mail and video communications completely replace traditional workplace, and all the above mentioned modes of communication are combined in a new Cisco portable device - Cisco Cius tablet. At its stand, Saga presented how one Cisco Cius tablet with accompanying infrastructure can fully satisfy the needs of a modern business man.

Within the Cisco Expo 2012 conference, Saga organized the prize poll. The luckiest conference participant, who filled in the survey, received a valuable gift - Acer Aspire One 722 netbook computer.

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