News,  2. April 2012

Saga Sponsor of HP Discover 2012 Conference in Belgrade

Hewlett-Packard marked the 10th anniversary of business activity in Serbia by organizing a conference called HP Discover 2012. This is the most important HP's annual conference, both in Serbia and abroad. Saga, as the sponsor of the Conference, presented NFG’s Group new iBanking solution, which represents a new generation of Internet banking.

The presentation was held by Eldar Banjica, Executive Director for Business Development and Software in Saga. The participants in the conference could hear about the specifics of NFG’s iBanking solution and what separates it from other e-banking products. According to him, classical solutions for electronic banking represent "links" i.e. set of links leading to certain functionalities of the portal. The user has to constantly click the mouse somewhere in order to reach the required functionality. Unlike them, New Frontier’s Group iBanking solution is based on widgets that are fully customized and tailored both to the user and the device from which the banking portal can be accessed. Everything that can be of interest to users is always available and visible on the screen.

The second part of the presentation was a live demonstration of iBanking advanced features with emphasis on its easy adaptability to different target groups of customers, as well as to different business environments. Bank clients, who are the end users of this system, were shown how a wide variety of parameters can be followed in real time, how a couple mouse clicks can pay bills and how to always have full access to all aspects of a financial statement. On the other hand, banks implementing iBanking solution will get a system that can be easily and quickly customized to specific needs and situations, together with the availability of various statistics and information necessary for adequate planning of future operations.

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