News,  6. July 2015

Breakfast with an expert: Oracle Communications

Saga, in cooperation with the Belgrade Chamber of commerce and TMS Academy organized a presentation about Oracle Communications.

The presentation was held by Ivan Arsenijevic, System Engineer in Saga who has been engaged in the Oracle Communications technologies for a long time, and who holds official Oracle courses abroad in this field.

Topics covered at this meeting were about computer telecommunications. It was explained how the large telecommunication providers can fight with the competition that is becoming more agile, how companies and institutions can consolidate their communication channels, and what kind of technological solutions are expected in the future. In his presentation he also mentioned the part of the portfolio of Oracle Communications.

New business models are based on flexible and simple management and administration. They require consolidation of communication which can be effectively done through Oracle Communications: Unified Communications Suite and Service Delivery Platform, which in addition to the consolidation of communications, also consolidates the processes.

The second part of the presentation was dedicated to the business model changes, which are necessary if company wants to be successful in the future. Oracle Communications Global Business Unit is introduced as a model through which successful startups can be aggregated from #monolithic” companies. Thanks to Oracle Communications Technologies (WebRTC) it is possible to achieve direct communication and unload their own IT infrastructure. WebRTC helps to take advantage of old ideas in a new way, which that is the direction in which Oracle is thinking in this business segment, and Saga is ready to help companies to adapt to this trend.

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