News, 26. September 2016

New Frontier Slovenia participated the conference Cutting Edge of Digital Mind in Ljubljana

On September 19, New Frontier Slovenia took its part at the conference Cutting Edge of Digital Mind in Ljubljana, organized by Centre of Business Excellence and Faculty of Economics, Ljubljana University. The event highlighted the importance and provided understanding of digital transformation to the target group of directors, managers and other professionals.

New Frontier Slovenia actively participated with the workshop on “How to setup digital innovation environment” and with its guest, Vuk Kosovac, Executive Director for Strategy and Marketing at Societe Generale Serbia.

“We are partners with NFG for more than 10 years and fact that we are constantly widening this cooperation says a lot about it. As partner, my duty is to support them when needed and on personal base being guest on such conference it is always opportunity to meet new people and extend your knowledge”, said Vuk Kosovac at the occasion of visiting the event, which took place in the National Gallery of Slovenia.

In order to successfully meet the challenges of digital transformation the conference presented modern trends in the field of customer value proposition, digital business process, digital products and illustrated some of the most important foreign and domestic innovative digital business models.

Milana Ognjenović, Marketing Strategy Manager, Telenor, Serbia, Davor Tremac, General Manager at Uber for Croatia, Jane Sunley, Founder & CEO, Purple Cubed, Harald R. Raetzsch, IoT40 Systems AG, Zurich, Switzerland, Nikolaos Dimitriadis, Executive Development Institute, The University of Sheffield International Faculty, Serbia, Carlos M. DaSilva, HEG School of Management Fribourg, University of Applied Sciences Western Switzerland and Vuk Kosovac, Executive Director for Strategy and Marketing at Societe Generale Serbia, were just some of the renowned speakers, who built understanding of the technical developments and trends that underlie the buzzwords of Big Data, the Internet of Things or Industry 4.0, as well as their business implications.

“We have to create products that are easy to use for client”, pointed out Vuk Kosovac when explaining the digital branch in banking industry at the case of Societe Generale Serbia. As he emphasized it is important to be aware of the CPIs from online sales! “We are a multi-channel bank and the client can choose his or her own channel”, said Kosovac and pointed out the importance of designing interface with clients and include them in testing environment when going digital. “Although Serbia is still underdeveloped market we already have 104% growth of active eUsers, up to 30% overdraft sales online vs branch and up to 10% loan sales online vs branch only after the 6-months period.” From the regulation perspective Vuk Kosovac explained, there are still some challenges, which require active or even proactive role in legislative environment, “We need to create regulation”, said Kosovac.

There was a big digital buzz created at the New Frontier Slovenia workshop, entitled “How to setup digital innovation environment”, hosted by Gašper Fečur, New Frontier Slovenia CEO, Gregor Bierent, NFG Managing Director and Eldar Banjica, NF Innova CEO. Participants were mostly interested about implementation steps of digital journey in the businesses such as banking, insurance, cars, retail and real estate. New Frontier people explained them that the most important is to build trust and start with the problem that consumers have. “Uber did a great job – its founder couldn’t get a Taxi when needed so he invented the best way to get around”, said Gašper Fečur. Eldar Banjica explained the case of Bank of Romania that created completely new user stories and culture with New Frontier digital support. “Many times happen that there is a lack of rolls and skills within the company and that is why we establish innovation environment, where mistakes are allowed but also results are created.” Together with participants a variety of different digital stories were revealed and when finally they were asked “Is all this digital staff good or bad news?” the feelings were mixed, however one thing was clear, “You cannot stop the innovation and the world goes around”.

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