News, 18. February 2015

Vladimir Popovic New CEO of Saga

Goran Djakovic, President and Igor Pavlica, CEO of company Saga, from 18 February, 2015 have changed roles to Advisors to the CEO as Members of the Advisory Board of Saga. Operational management of the company was taken over by Vladimir Popovic as CEO.

Vladimir Popovic was born in 1973 in Belgrade where he completed his studies at the Mathematical Grammar School. He graduated in 1997 with a degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Belgrade. Mr. Popovic has over 17 years of experience in the international IT industry. He joined New Frontier Group in May 2012, where he was working as Sales Director of NFG. He has been with Saga since 1 August, 2014, as Sales and Marketing Director and a member of the Executive Board. He is married with two children. He speaks Serbian, English and German.

"As we have started our business 25 years ago, we wanted to create a serious, stable and the most successful IT company in Serbia, in which we have succeeded without a doubt. For a successful development of every company it is necessary that it constantly changes, adapts to the market trends and is completed with new people. We see in Popovic a new force which will lead Saga toward its 50th birthday as the biggest and most successful company in the region." – said Goran Djakovic, Adviser to the CEO.

"Performing as a Sales Director, Popovic has shown that he shares our ambitions regarding Saga’s business and that he will not only keep, but also strengthen Saga’s leading position which it has deservedly earned during 25 years of business. That is we have full confidence in Popovic’s abilities to efficiently lead Saga company." – commented Igor Pavlica, Adviser to the CEO, after Vladimir Popovic took over the new position.

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