News, 31. August 2014

Saga Wins Again the Beach Volleyball Vip Business League

Saga's team OK-MOJ Saga 2 winner of the beach volleyball Vip Business League, held at Ada Ciganlija.

Vip business league was held for the second time this year, this time on beach volleyball court on Ada Ciganlija. Same as during the first tournament of Vip business league in Novi Sad, Saga had two teams. If we had more luck, we probably would repeat double win from the previous tournament. Draw decided that Saga 1 and OK MOJ – Saga 2 met in the first round, so that team Saga 1, unfortunately, had to say goodbye too early from further tournament. But on the other hand, team OK OJ – Saga 2 had confirmed the dominance among the business volleyball teams and after convincing matches deservedly took again the highest place on winning pedestal.

Although people use to say that it is harder to stay on top than get to the top, Saga showed that it is capable for that kind of venture. Now we can say that the tradition to be the best, does not refer only to business approach and business results, but also to Saga’s sports successes.

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