News, 21. October 2014

Saga Rewarded With IT Awards 2014 Plaque

Saga's project "Vidik - Video Assistant" was awarded the best IT product in the IT Awards competition for the best IT achievement in Serbia in 2014.

IT Awards 2014 is a unique award in the Serbian market, and organizers are MakeIT, in partnership with AwardWise and Thanks to the application Awards Management System, the complete communication with those who were nominated and the members of the renowned international jury took place online, via IT Awards website.

This year there was a large number of nominees, big and small companies and individuals. The team of referees had a difficult task to choose the best participants out of 12 categories - the winners of IT Awards 2014 plaque. The plaque-awarding ceremony was shown in the special edition of the “Polarotor” TV program, which is broadcasted on the first channel of TV Kopernikus. In the category of the best IT product, a plaque was awarded to Saga for the project Vidik - Video Assistant. This unique and innovative product is an out-of-the-box solution for personalized video communication with operators in Call Centres. It is designed for banks, airports, shopping centres, hospitals, that is, all those who base their client support on Call Centres. Vidik is a flexible solution of modern design that enables it to meet all kinds of demands and to be used in a variety of scenarios. It represents an indispensable solution when customers have a problem, because in addition to audio communication, it brings a direct video contact with the operator, who can, apart from giving explanation, demonstrate in a practical way how to overcome a potential problem.

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