News, 24. April 2016

First Agile Serbia Conference

President of New Frontier Group, Branislav Vujović, participated in the final event of Agile Month in Serbia

First Agile Serbia Conference was held in Belgrade and it was another successful Agile Month in Serbia. It consisted of series of educational events dedicated to development of Agile software, which is one of the prerequisites for the success, especially for startups. The conference was attended by over 400 participants who listened lectures of eminent speakers. The first on stage in Madlenianum, Belgrade Opera house was Jurgen Appelo, the most influenced speaker in Europe and among the top 10 in the world concerning  Agile topics.

Branislav Vujovic was next on the stage. Since the NFG was established as a startup company, conference visitors had a chance to hear a story directly from its founder about the growth, opportunities and challenges faced by the newly established companies. Main topics of Mr. Vujovic presentation called “Digital revolution – an opportunity for Agile startups”, were information about today’s most important resources and how to invest wisely. As an “Angel Investor”, Branislav Vujovic also shared advices what kind of projects are good for investment for startups and what is the fastest way for such (new) companies to become profitable and successful, not only locally, but globally.

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