News, 12. August 2016

iBanking is the best 2016 Innovation in Societe Generale Group

NF Innova digital banking solution for Societe Generale Serbia announced as the best 2016 Innovation by Societe Generale Group

Societe Generale Group, which spreads across 66 countries, announced its eBanking platform developed by NF Innova company for SoGe Serbia as the 2016 top innovative retail solution.

With a launch of a Digital Branch the bank improved it’s e-banking platform by offering fast track loans, current account overdrafts, saving accounts, term deposits, direct debits and standing orders. Societe Generale is also the first bank in the region to introduce Digital Signature and the real-time Video Calling application allowing its customers to manage their traditional and premium banking services remotely.

Societe Generale Bank – The first digital bank in Serbia

Societe Generale is the first on the Serbian market to introduce digital signature and through e-banking platform the entire process of applying for banking services is enabled through digital channels for the first time, beginning from registering for the service, all the way to digitally signing documents and contracts. Among the supported online services are also granting overdraft and cash loans, as well as online opening of savings accounts and term deposits. Societe Generale bank clients with certificates to digitally sign documents can perform all of these tasks from their home or office.

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