News, 16. October 2016

First Authorised CERT in The Region

Saga received from Carnegie Mellon University organization, the owner of the trademark "CERT", the approval to use that trademark in the provision of services of monitoring IT systems in the area of information security.

CERT is a registered trademark of Carnegie Mellon University. Only companies and teams whose task is to prevent security incidents that are fully committed to this end can apply for the use of CERT trademark in their name.Saga is the only company in Serbia and the region whose Security Operation Center (SOC) team has fulfilled all the conditions and obtained the right to use the name Saga CERT. Saga CERT provides its services to educational institutions, government agencies, corporations and small and medium enterprises, as well as to those whose IT infrastructure is critical to the business.In the scope of their business Saga CERT warns and informs clients about  possible incidents, undertakes the analysis and response to them, deals with correcting of security vulnerabilities, configures, configures and implements the tools, applications and infrastructure in order to increase safety, trains their customers ...

The task of CERT is operational response to incidents regardless of the type of the IT attack.. In order to carry out its duties, CERT must be operational and effective, independent and expert. CERT is made up of a team of highly trained professionals enabled to collect operational data, but also to realize inter-sectoral and international cooperation with other CERT teams.

In its Law on Information Security, Serbia envisaged the establishment of the National CERT, CERT republican bodies and special CERTs that will conduct the affairs of ICT systems in the specific areas. Saga is a company that recognized area of ​​IT security as one of its strategic directions. Accordingly, it is seriously dedicated to this topic, and the confirmation of this commitment came in the form of CERT authorization that is received and recognized throughout the world.

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