News, 23. June 2016

Saga Sponsor of SEE Data Science Forum

Saga’s CEO, Nebojsa Bjelotomic, had keynote presentation on Data Science conference held in Belgrade.


The main objective of the Sout-East European Data Science Forum was to bring together researchers and scientists from our region who are engaged in data research, as well as to enable knowledge transfer in this field. The Forum was also an opportunity for businessmen to meet data mining experts from our region and to find out how this science can help their business.

Saga has been a sponsor of SEE Data Science Forum because we recognized the value of the conference and area that it covers. How seriously Saga comprehends this subject shows the fact that we have special department engaged with Data Science. Saga’s CEO, Nebojsa Bjelotomic, had the honor to open this conference, which was held at the Faculty of Organizational Science. In his speech he pointed out that value of information is higher today than ever before. He also mentioned recent examples of large global companies’ acquisitions, where some smaller companies were bought for enormously large sums of money, so that large global companies can get information of their client. At the same time, the amount of information that surround us increases exponentially. These are the reasons why Data Science becomes much more important, because it is the only way to point out the most important information, those that can enable successful conduct of business, from this abundance of data.

Part of the conference was “Big Data Workshop – Industry and Academia Face-to-Face”, which was designed as series of peer-to-peer discussion sessions where the most distinguished researchers and experts, working with Data Science together with businessmen were sit together exchanging points of view and discussing different challenges, issues and methods applied in the field. Some of topics covered in this workshop were graphical analysis, health data analytics, Data Science for financial and marketing applications... Saga’s employees who are dealing with Data Science actively participated in this workshop.

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