News,  6. August 2014

Vladimir Popovic, New Sales Director at Saga d.o.o. Beograd

Vladimir Popovic, Sales Director of New Frontier Group, took over as of 1st of August 2014 the position of a Sales Director and a Member of the Executive Board of the Saga d.o.o. Beograd. Popović will be intensively engaged in collaboration with Saga's customers, as well as in improvement and incensement of sales and operations efficiency.

“Knowing Saga's reputation on the Serbian market as well as its commitment to provide the best solutions to customers in order to improve their efficiency, I am quite sure that we have plenty of opportunities to fulfil this task”, said Vladimir Popovic after taking up the position.

He was born in Belgrade in 1973, where he finished Mathematical High School. He graduated from the ETF in 1997. Vladimir has over 17 years of experience in international IT industry. Among other things, he worked in the company UC4 Software where he was responsible for the sales in Eastern Europe. After that he worked for five years in SAP. First two years he held the position of the Regional Sales Director where he was in charge for partners in South East Europe. The next three years he held the position of the General Manager at SAP for the Western Balkans and in that period he multiply raised SAP’s business in the sense of software and services sales, as well as the increase of overall profitability. Popovic joined New Frontier Group in May 2012 and is responsible for sales in the following companies: Technoserv Consulting (Russia), Romsys (Romania), Profinit (Czech Republic) and Saga (Serbia). He is married and has two children. Speaks Serbian, English and German language.

“I have complete confidence in Popovic’s ability to efficiently manage sales in Saga. The experience he owns enables him to fully dedicate himself to customers, which is essential in today’s world full of challenges”, said Igor Pavlica, General Manager of Saga, after promoting Vladimir Popovic on a new position.

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