Published: 13. 4. 2018 in News and events

The best AI product in the region made in Serbia

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The rise of the IT sector in Serbia has been going on for a long time, but at the same time there has been a critical attitude about exporting knowledge, not a product. Outsourcing is the dominant mode of programming companies, so Serbs still export raw materials in terms of working hours, which we sell to foreign IT companies.

This work by foreign companies is paid through product placement. Saga, which has been around for almost 30 years, has not fall for the trend, has invested resources and energy into its development team, which has created several unique software products, including the platform based on artificial intelligence, Weaver. There is a smart chat bot on the platform, which has been already used by several domestic and foreign companies.

Weaver platform for chat bot is the most advanced solution in the field of software products that apply artificial intelligence in itself. The basic concept of the platform is a complete understanding of the natural language. Understanding is possible by using the NLU (natural language understanding) concept. The platform is able to eliminate errors from the message (text or voice). It is important to note that the conversation itself between the bots and the human beings happens interactively and very similar to the communication between the two men. This is achieved with the help of a platform that has an advanced conversation mechanism and everything has been made by our smart people. The platform integrates with any core system within the company, so the bot can help users in anything and very similar to actions that a person can do - but much faster and more precisely. Bot is available for communication on any channel, that are  popular today: Viber, Skype, Facebook Messenger, or through a dedicated channel, such as a web chat. Already now several domestic and several foreign companies apply the Weaver platform in business, and given that similar solutions do not exist in the wider region, the Serbian product is well positioned. Saga’s engineers once again showed that they are not lagging behind the colleagues working in the most advanced markets.

An easy way to communicate and use the service disrupts the barriers between the complicated application interface and people who need service. It is important to note that the Serbian language is fully supported, and many others are supported, but the Serbian language presents a special challenge and achievement due to its complexity and extremely small number of users on a global level. All written puts the Weaver platform side by side with world leaders in artificial intelligence.

Source: B92 LINK

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