Vesti, 16. maj 2012

Saga promotes mobile office concept at Informatika 2012

Serbian Society for Informatics and Faculty for Mathematics have organized a scientific symposium „Informatika 2012“ where the latest global trends and local knowledge and results in the field of ICT are traditionally presented.

The goal of this conference was to bring together experts and users of information and communication technologies and to present the new trends in the development of information systems and exchange of practical experiences in this field. Issues discussed at the event concerned the role of ICT in reducing the effects of the crisis and Serbia’s preparations to join the EU, development of information systems based on UML models, implementation of business software in enterprises, development of a data base for data search on terrorism and organized crime and the direction towards modern IT business is moving.

At this meeting Saga presented its vision of a modern business – a mobile office. Today's workplace no longer requires offices once existed. Business commitments can be very efficiently completed via mobile devices, from any place and at any time, without any restrictions. IP telephony, mail and video communications completely replace traditional workplace representing only some of the solutions offered by Saga in order to improve business in the form of mobile office development.

Different parts of a city, different cities or even different countries and continents are no longer a barrier to keeping meetings and conferences. Branch locations are no longer a limiting factor in the management of business processes, and thanks to advanced network technologies and solutions in the field of Unified Communications, today we have the possibilities to save time and considerable financial resources for travelling and organizing meetings abroad.

For Saga, the company that has been the market leader for years in the field of information technology in Serbia, one of the main motives for introducing the mobile workplace was to provide the employees in companies with more efficient operations, at any place and at any time. In this way, companies have the opportunity to make significant savings when it comes to cost of space, they can increase processes efficiency and productivity with the consolidation of information "in one place" and the use of personal devices - "Bring your own device" has been enabled as well as division of jobs. On the other hand, this mode of operation will provide the employees with more efficient use of free time, return to recreation and nature, more quality time spent with family, as well as a reduced daily stress and discomfort experienced when commuting.

Cisco Unified Communication infrastructure solution, mobile device Cisco Cius (combination of IP phone and tablet for business use), Cisco ISE device for access control, as well as MobileIron application for mobile devices management in the network are just part of  Saga's engineers portfolio recommended and implemented in the companies that want to make their business easier and more efficient.

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